Is This Your Year for Action?

If you’ve decided this is your year to take action, then I’m looking forward to you joining us in Social Thinking classes this spring!  

I am often asked if teaching Social Thinking® in group settings actually generalizes to the school, home and community. The answer to this is-only if you make sure it does!

It has been my experience that children and adults need a safe, supportive environment to learn complicated and intricate social skills. These skills are rarely learned just by placing students near other non-disabled students without any specific instruction.

Spectrum Autism Services’ model looks like this:

Social Thinking® as taught by Spectrum Autism Services is very much about the person with an ASD learning now neurotypicals think and even more about neurotypicals learning to think like persons with ASD’s. It is a process that is taught first in a Social Thinking® group, generalized to the home school and community.  The result should be learning how each other thinks and building understanding and respect for one another. 
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