What Parents Say

“Fran has always been readily available, and extremely helpful in her direction.  My son has benefited greatly from her experience and expertise.  If there were ever one person I would go to for advice regarding my son, it would be Fran.      Kim – Fort Worth, TX

Fran used input from everyone in the family to create a visual behavior plan and basic visual routines for my son. It has greatly reduced the friction and arguing, because he knows what will happen next as long as everyone sticks to the plan. It’s allowed me to take a step back from the constant discipline and just be Mom.
Christine – Dallas, TX

Without Fran, I would have been even more unsure of what to do about Nikki’s education.  Autism is on the rise.  Most people hear about it, read about it, or even know someone who has autism.  As with any disability, no one really knows what it’s like until they live it.  Early intervention is key!  (Thank you, Fran!) Dana – Joshua, TX

Fran has helped our family in so many ways.  At one point my son would not enter a bathroom…any bathroom, as my husband had gotten some soap in his eyes during a bath.  Over a six week period, Fran developed and implemented a stair-stepped program to get him in the bathroom and eventually back in the bathtub.  Her knowledge and personal experience in dealing with Autism is astounding and allows her to not only help with specific issues families are facing, but also point out other areas that may need work before a problem arises.  She has experience with several different therapeutic routes (from ABA and specialty diets to picture schedules and choice boards) and is an incredibly valuable asset for any family dealing with Autism.
Robyn – Aledo, TX

Fran’s been working with me and Jayme for the past few weeks and she is the greatest. I spent the past few years read book after book and I still don’t always know what to do to help my son. Fran came into my life taught me and she showed me how to take just one social story I had written and brake it down in to three different ways. I said to myself,  “no wonder of my charts or stories weren’t working.  I was confusing my son”.  She has helped me get more organized,and  rewrite a new school schedule.  Fran hasmade a difference for my son and I.  We now have a great schedule that is working and he is more successful using it.  Thank you.
Mary – Godley, TX