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Autism can be very confusing. We cannot offer you a cure for autism. We can empower you to accelerate the development of your loved one with autism by giving you important tools and specialized parenting skills that will make living with autism so much easier.

Our proven system of parent support, in-home, and community-based training for persons with autism spectrum disorders has helped hundreds of families make the necessary decisions to help their children grow up to be successful adults.

We provide Social Cognitive Therapy to persons with Autism Spectrum and other developmental disorders. We serve ages 7 and up including age 16+; we specialize in services for transition age.

We Offer Complete Lifespan Services for Successful Living

Family Services

Autism family services
Our exclusive, comprehensive approach teaches families to consider the needs of children of autism spectrum disorders in all environments. Knowledge is the power that drives change. Our Living With Autism Planning System gives families the knowledge to sort through available treatment and educational options and craft an individualized action plan for their loved one.
Adult Services

Children with autism spectrum disorders grow up to be adults with ASDs who often need training and support. Specialized training for community living, friendship safety and development, workplace social expectations, and dating and sexual safety can be very helpful and reassuring for young adults with ASDs.
TWS-VRS (formerly DARS) Services
Spectrum Services is an approved vendor for Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation Services (TWS-VRS), formerly the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS); we provide social and behavioral assessment for job readiness, one on one training and support services, social group and job readiness training.